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Quenepas are a small edible fruit with green leathery skin and sweet juicy translucent pulp. They come from a tropical American tree (Melicocca bijuga, or Melicocca bijugatus). Quenepas have a tight and thin but rigid layer of skin, traditionally cracked by the teeth. Below that is the tart, tangy yellow pulp of the fruit. Each quenepa fruit has a large seed inside of about the same size of the outer skin, the same ovoid shape as the fruit itself.  To eat them, wash the fruit, crack the skin with the teeth and suck on the pulp. Spit out the pit. Quenepa trees bloom in hurricane season, summer time in Puerto Rico. Wrap in a moist cloth towel or brown paper and refrigerate in lower drawer where you keep your vegetables in your refrigerator. Other Caribeños called these mamoncillo, also known as limoncillo.

This website is the internet home of our ONLINE monthly publication, El Boricua, a cultural publication for Puerto Ricans.

On our website we post a sampling of the different topics and recipes we publish monthly. We do not have a recipe book. Subscribe to our online publication to get all our recipes.

Often requested recipes are posted to our FaceBook Account.

Soy Boricua, mi amor es - Puerto Rico.

We hope that you enjoy this site and that it will take you back to our ancestral land.

¡Ay le lo lai, le lo lai . . . . . !