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Puerto Rican 'pernil' flavored roasted turkey

As Puerto Ricans, the first thing we will do before starting the turkey is turn on Los Plenenos de la 21 or play some Titi Puente music to get us in the mood. What better way to get 'in the mood' than with great music?

Mami would thaw her turkeys in the kitchen sink with cold water the night before and would roast it the next day. We survived. Now we are told to put in in the fridge for a few days before to thaw.

The Rican Chef offers us her special seasonings for Pavochón, a pernil flavored turkey, delicious. Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. recipe


Salmon topped tostones

Hato Rey de Limón cocktail

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Soy Boricua, mi amor es - Puerto Rico.

We hope that you enjoy this site and that it will take you back to our ancestral land.

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