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A monthly cultural magazine for Puerto Ricans

- Established in 1995 -

This website is the internet home of  "EL BORICUA" an electronic monthly cultural magazine available on-line only. Both this website and our monthly magazine are dedicated to our descendants, the children of Puerto Ricans -where ever they might be - so that they can remember our culture, learn about their roots and history, and be proud to call themselves Boricuas and Puertorriqueños.

EL BORICUA, the monthly cultural on line magazine is Puerto Rican owned and operated. It is NOT sponsored by any club or organization. At EL BORICUA, our goal is to record, present and promote our culture for the benefit of our children and grandchildren and hopefully, their children for generations to come. We purpose to maintain our culture alive in our lives and in our hearts.

There's so much more to our culture than what is posted on this site. Our monthly magazine presents indepth information about all kinds of issues. In January we celebrate Puerto Rican poets, in February AfroBorinquen, in March we celebrate Puerto Rican women, in May we celebrate the Puerto Rican soldier, September is National Identity, and in December - only Navidad related material, including aguinaldos and traditions. We also present a variety of articles, written by dedicated volunteers, on our history, historical places, culture, traditions, typical recipes, music, musicians, Boricua heroes of today and yesterday, and promote a positive image of Puerto Ricans and the Island.

EL BORICUA offers a vehicle in which contemporary poets and artists can publish their work. We promote networking between Puerto Rican groups and promote cultural activities throughout the Nation.

Our internet pages also include a section for Boricua Kids and a Puerto Rico Lesson Plans section for classroom use.

We also publish a lot of poetry by contemporary Puerto Rican poets, and include guests articles. El Boricua is full of trivia, and other interesting information on our traditions and our culture.

We would like to extend a very special Thank You to all our volunteers that give of their time so selflessly to promote our culture.

Our Website and most beautiful and fitting logo was created by Tayna Miranda Zayas of MarkNet Group.

Let's not forget who we are, where we come from, let's not forget el cantar del coquí, la flor del flamboyán, our terruño, our Isla del Encanto.

EL BORICUA, a Monthly Cultural Publication, will be part of EBESCO Library Database.

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We receive a lot of email asking what people can do to support our 'cause' and I answer, "The most effective way to help us is to buy our inexpensive subscription to the monthly magazine." That helps us pay our large internet bills therefore keeping our site open and available for all to read. We receive over 7,000 hits daily on the homepage alone. That is not counting our large recipes section nor any other of our 2000 plus pages. We do not receive any funding from anyone other than a few advertisers and subscribers.

Our December issue is strictly reversed for Navidad music and Puerto Rican navidad articles - guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes!

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Our site is visited by thousands of people daily. Often businesses have pleaded with me to divulge my list of email addresses for a price - but I decline because I have given my word to my readers that their information is private.


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Travel Editors/Photographers

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